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Hello, My name is Nathan and I want to help you with your next home remodeling project. I have years of experience in many areas of construction and carpentry. I started Top Expectations because to me It's more than just the money! It's the desire and love I truly put into my work. I know it makes a difference when the contractor puts as much thought and care into the work as the home owner would. I'm your guy. That's my promise to you. Give me a call today.

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Windows and Doors

Top 5 reasons to replace

  1. Repair drafts, leaks or damage
  2. Increase aesthetic value
  3. Reduce noise
  4. Save $ on utilities
  5. Reduce carbon footprint

In need of new windows or doors? Give me a call today.

New Window
New Window
New Window
New Door
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Siding and Gutters

When should you replace your siding?

If you have rot or moisture damage, cracks, gaps or other surface damage, then it's probably time to replace your siding.

Ready to replace that siding? Give me a call today.

Siding Project
Siding Project
Siding Project
Siding Project
Siding Project
Siding Project
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Cabinets and Custom Woodworking

What are the benefits of new cabinets?

Increased storage capacity and improved durability and aesthetic value are some of the many benefits of new cabinets.

Ready for a cabinet upgrade? Give me a call today.

New Cabinets
New Cabinets
New Cabinets
New Cabinets
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Decks and Floors

What you walk on matters

Flooring affects the design of a room and can make a room feel warmer or cooler or even larger or smaller. Flooring also affects your experience as you move around your home. From plush carpet to hardwoods and laminates, no matter what type of flooring you prefer, I'll get 'em covered.

Ready for new flooring? Give me a call today.

New Deck
New Flooring
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Misc. Repairs

Do you just need a little TLC?

Is there something on your to do list that just doesn't ever get done? Something you've been meaning to get around to it, but just haven't had the time to do?

Give me a call today and finally check it off that list.

Drywall Installation

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Nathan Werre


Written Inquiries:

725 S. 12th St. Lot 206
Bismarck, ND 58504